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Step aside Snoop, Seth and Wiz. The king — or rather, the queen — of celebrity weed isn’t a comedian or rapper known for endorsing the ganj. 

It’s critically acclaimed actress-turned-wellness-guru Gwyneth Paltrow. 

Yes, the woman who once had Brad Pitt asking “What’s in the box?!” is now turning heads on the release of celebrity weed sales data from MJBizDaily

According to a recent MJBizDaily report, Paltrow’s Cann is pwning California’s celebrity weed market at roughly $750,000 in sales every month. Compare that to Seth Rogen’s Houseplant in second place at only $277,000 per month.

Meanwhile, other celebrity heavyweights aren’t in Paltrow’s league, either. Mike “Iron Lungs” Tyson’s Tyson 2.0 rakes in about $290,000 a month. Wiz Khalifa’s Khalifa Kush generates $209,000 monthly in sales. And Carlos Santana’s Mirayo brings in $134,000 monthly.

According to RadarOnline, Paltrow isn’t the only celebrity involved with Cann. Its other celebrity backers include actors Rebel Wilson and Ruby Rose, as well as former NBA baller Baron Davis. Even funny man Adam Devine is involved with his own Cann line in partnership with the weed delivery service Eaze. 

But why Cann, of all the celebrity brands? Surely, Seth Rogen, Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg’s Death Row Cannabis ought to be topping the sales, given their heady honchos’ life-long careers promoting the sticky-icky?

“We thought if we could be the first cannabis brand to get a mainstream celebrity that does not have a public image that’s associated with cannabis, then we could change the conversation and normalize it in a really new and powerful way,” Cann co-founder Luke Anderson told MJBizDaily.

“We were able to paint a picture that this is something for everybody. It’s not just something for people who want to get really high,” he added.

Cann has certainly normalized and mainstreamed cannabis in a way other celebs have not. However, there are two other possibilities to consider. 

First, unlike most other celebrity brands, Paltrow’s Cann isn’t slinging smokeable flower. Instead, she’s selling THC-infused sparkling water, which is a lot more discreet than blazing a joint. Sipping sparkling water is also much more palatable to soccer-mom suburbanites and the Hollywood Hills high society-types, the same crowd Paltrow marketed her Goop wellness brand to. 

Second — and perhaps most surprising — is Cann’s pricing. Of the top six celebrity brands on MJBizDaily’s list, Paltrow’s Cann is the most affordable by average unit price, at just $19.56 a pop. Compare that to Houseplant’s average item price of $53.29, or Bella Thorne’s Forbidden Flowers at $22.1 a pop.

In fact, only four celebrity brands beat Cann in the average item price category: wrestler Ric Flair’s Drip, Jerry Garcia’s Hand Picked, Cheech & Chong’s and — at the very most affordable — Justin Bieber’s Palms at the super-low price of $13.91 per item.

Regardless, hats off and lighters up to Paltrow and Cann. She’s proven that celebrity backed brands and infused drinkables can be successful in California’s insanely competitive weed market. We truly Cann accomplish anything if we set our minds to it.