A true wine connoisseur will take special precautions when it comes to storing their wine, so why should a weed specialist be any different when it comes to preserving their nugs?

Gone are the days of hiding weed in sandwich baggies or in shoeboxes under the bed. Cannabis deserves better than that, and so do you. Storing pot in the right conditions will help it keep its taste longer, and protect it from the elements that will deteriorate its quality (like heat). And we’re not talking about keeping your marijuana good for just an extra week or two—with some of these methods, your nugs can remain fresh for years after you purchased it. But the best thing about it? You can purchase many of these storage systems without breaking the bank, and once you have everything together, you’ll have the extra benefit of having your collection organized, just like those fancy winos out there.

So check out our in-depth look at storage options above, and get your weed the protection it needs.