You Can Officially Smoke Two Joints of Sublime's New Weed Line This Summer
Sublime are joining a very long list of musicians that have launched their own weed brands, but the band's new brand will focus on medicinal pot.
Published on February 5, 2022

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Reggae-punk band Sublime just invited their fellow Californians to “smoke two joints” of their new personal weed brand. 

Sublime just announced an exclusive partnership with The Healing Plant, a legal cannabis business based in Costa Mesa. Full details of the collab have yet to be released, but the partners said they hope to launch their first round of products this summer. Initially, the new brand will only be available in the band's home turf of Southern California, including Long Beach, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, and the Inland Empire.

“Sublime has its own weed now! I mean, what more needs to be said other than light ‘em up!” said drummer Bud Gaugh in a press release, Forbes reports. “Time to ‘Smoke Two Joints,’” he quipped, in reference to the band's first breakthrough hit.

Although the band is definitely planning to drop some party-friendly recreational products, the partners also intend to focus on the healing powers of cannabis. Bradley Nowell, Sublime's original lead singer and guitarist, died from a heroin overdose shortly before the band released their third record (RIP), and the group hopes that their new brand will help other people who are struggling with opioid addiction.

“This brand is going to bring you Sublime’s ‘Greatest Hits’ of recreational cannabis, as well as a full line of medicinal products that will benefit people fighting opioid and heroin addiction, a very important driven line, especially for the community of artists in memory of Bradley Nowell himself,” said Robert Taft Jr., CEO of The Healing Plant, in a press release

Although the general plans are in place, the partners have yet to decide exactly what kind of Sublime-branded products they will bring to market. But now that the ink is dry on the contract, Taft is working with the band to develop unique strains and products for the brand's launch this summer.

“The Healing Plant has already aligned the brand with a top geneticist and as part of our R&D process, we will be curating strains with the band under their guidance,” said Taft to Forbes. “Cultivation will rely on select farmers capable of delivering consistent quality under the oversight of our geneticist. THP will manufacture and process all California products at our licensed facility and will be the sole distributor for Southern California, partnering with a Northern California licensed distributor for the second phase of the rollout.”

These days, it's harder to find a celebrity who doesn't have a weed brand than one who does. Hip-hop artists like Snoop Dogg, Lil' Kim, Jay-Z, Drake, Redman and Method Man, and Lil Wayne pioneered the concept of celebrity cannabis, but current pop stars like Justin Bieber and stoner legends like Jerry Garcia, Willie Nelson and Jimmy Buffet have their own branded bud now too.

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