Deadhead Dank: A Jerry Garcia Cannabis Brand Is Coming to California
The team in charge of the late Grateful Dead frontman’s estate will launch the Jerry Garcia Cannabis Collection in summer 2020.
Published on December 16, 2019

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California’s crowded cannabis industry is getting yet another celebrity-led brand, as the estate of Jerry Garcia announced a new line of weed to celebrate the deceased Grateful Dead frontman.

According to Live for Live Music, Jerry’s estate is following the jam band legend’s lyrics, and putting their money where their love is. Known only as the “Jerry Garcia Cannabis Collection,” the new bud brand is expected to hit licensed dispensary shelves in summer 2020.

“Magic and bliss, exploration and celebration. A simple, free, and optimistic life. This is Jerry Garcia’s uniquely personal legacy as an artist, and the inspiration behind his namesake cannabis product line,” the Jerry Garcia Cannabis Collection website reads. “Like his music and art — and unlike any other product available — Jerry’s signature cannabis collection will be spontaneous, revelatory, healing, and anything but ordinary.”

The estate is partnering with Holistic Industries for the cannabis line. “As true fans, we knew they would honor Jerry’s legacy,” said Trixie Garcia, Jerry’s daughter, in a press release. "Their values are rooted in a family business and they have a track record operating and creating cannabis brands across the country. We can't wait to share the Jerry Garcia cannabis collection with the fans next year.”

Garcia’s bandmate, Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart, launched his own Golden State cannabis brand called Mind Your Head earlier this year. But in addition to Hart, rock stars and rappers like Willie Nelson, David Crosby, Lil Wayne, and countless others have already dipped their guitar picks and mic cords into the ganja game. 

For more info on the Jerry Garcia Cannabis Collection, you can sign up for updates on the brand’s website here, and keep your eyes peeled for the product launch, hitting dispensaries in summer 2020.

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