Grateful Dead’s Mickey Hart Says ‘Mind Your Head’ with New Weed Brand
The jam-band legend will, indeed, steal your face (or at least melt it off) with his new cannabis line.
Published on May 21, 2019

Besides producing unforgettable music, the Grateful Dead’s greatest contribution to pop culture may have been uniting tokers from around the country. After all, the men behind Chem Dog — the parent strain of several iconic plants like Sour Diesel, OG Kush, and Girl Scout Cookies — first met during a Grateful Dead concert.

Now, the Grateful Dead’s drummer, Mickey Hart, is launching his own weed brand, Mind Your Head. And yes, Chemdog will be among Mind Your Head’s initial product lineup.

“Chem Dog is a legend, as it were,” Hart told Leafly. “At a Grateful Dead concert at Deer Creek, Indiana in ‘91 these guys exchanged seeds — 13 of them I believe — in one of our parking lots. And Chem Dog was born.”

Although Hart plans to unveil additional Mind Your Head products in the near future, for now he’s focusing solely on Chem Dog, available only as 1/3 gram pre-rolled joints. If that sounds a bit lightweight, that’s because it’s supposed to be.

“I don’t smoke a whole joint when I smoke,” Hart told Cannabis Business Times in another interview. “I can’t. These are too powerful. I don’t like to light it up again, halfway down or so.”

Hart’s strategy of appealing to tokers with lower tolerances may make Mind Your Head way ahead of the curve. Cannabis companies have slowly shifted away from ultra-potent products that lay even the most hardened heads to waste in favor of gentler products with less THC content.

For Hart, smaller Mind Your Head joints are “just perfect in size. I thought that that’s one way this magical plant can be consumed responsibly.”

At the moment, Mind Your Head is only sold in select Bay Area dispensaries. But who knows, in “High Time,” Hart’s Chem Dog pre-rolls may be “Dancin’ in the Streets” near you.

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