Rock Star David Crosby Wants a $5 Million Payday to Endorse a Cannabis Company
The Crosby, Stills & Nash legend is looking to license his name and likeness to a legal weed brand — but only if the price is right.
Published on March 1, 2019

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David Crosby is ready to get in on the green rush, but only if that greenery comes in two distinct forms — legal weed, and cold hard cash. 

According to a scoop by Forbes contributor and MERRY JANE fam Javier Hasse, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame frontman of the Byrds and Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young is ready to cash in on his legacy, and is looking to license his name and likeness for cannabis branding, just as long as a legal weed company is willing to fork over $5 million in compensation.

“We’ve had all kinds of crazy licensing proposals come in, ranging from people wanting to pay to use Crosby’s name in exchange for cryptocurrencies I’d never heard of, to companies solely focused on raising investor money with no real prospect for being successful in the long term,” Crosby’s friend and business partner Steven Sponder told Forbes. “David Crosby is the voice of a generation. If his face is on a cannabis package, people will know it’s quality, they’ll buy it, and most importantly, they’ll come back for it — and that’s the tangible value we bring.”

Crosby and Sponder have already worked to develop a name — “Mighty Croz” — and business model for the celebrity pot endorsement. But with no interest in starting their own vertically-integrated cannabis company, the pair is looking to team up with an established brand to slang Crosby-approved bud. By taking the name Mighty Croz instead of putting Crosby’s full name on front street, Sponder said that they hope to avoid any snafus with celebrity branding and endorsement restrictions on the books in countries like Canada.

With decades of influence over the Baby Boomer generation that is now discovering cannabis in increasingly high numbers, Crosby hopes to become a leading voice in the legal weed sector, and is already advocating for the bright future of both THC and CBD.

“Once CBD is refined, concentrated, packaged, and marketed, it’s going to become a hugely successful painkiller — because the NSAIDs (aspirin/ibuprofen) damage your kidneys and your liver,” Crosby said.

It is still not clear what brand Crosby and Sponder will team up with for their Mighty Croz idea, or if there is a canna-company out there willing to part with $5 million for the pleasure. But if you ask the legendary rocker, a Crosby cannabis brand — like the prospect of federal legalization — is only a matter of when, and not if.

“We’re holding out for a licensing partner that understands the industry and has a long-term prospect for success,” Crosby and Sponder told Forbes.

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