What Is “Sunset Sherbert” Weed and Does It Taste as Creamy as It Sounds?
Yet another rock star strain descended from Girl Scout Cookies (GSC), Sherbinskis’ Sunset Sherbert lives up to its velvety namesake.
Published on May 8, 2020

What happens when “Girl Scout Cookies” gets crossed with “Pink Panties?” No, you don’t get a punchline to a dirty joke. You get Sunset Sherbert, a craft weed strain that’s always in high demand due to its frostiness and its peppery, berryish bouquet. 

Sunset Sherbert is yet another rock star strain bred by California’s famed Sherbinskis. Sherbert’s Pink Panties genetics contributes to its buds’ citrusy tang, whereas the GSC genetics give it its creamy, minty, and earthy qualities. 


What Makes Sunset Sherbert So… Sherberty?

Pretty much every cannabis strain gets its aromas and flavors from terpenes, or naturally produced molecules that evaporate from the flower at room temperature. 

Reviews online describe Sunset Sherbert’s smoke as tasting like anything from spiced honey to berry-filled yogurt. This unique flavor profile is likely due to the terpenes caryophyllene, limonene, and humulene, the strain’s three most prominent terpenes, according to Leafly's lab data.

Caryophyllene, which is found in black peppers and carrots, has spicy qualities. Limonene, found in citrus fruits like lemons, limes, and oranges, provides the sweetness and floral fragrances. And humulene, also found in hops, hits the senses like walking into dense woodland right after a warm rain. 


What Does Sunset Sherbert's High Feel Like?

Now that you know what to expect after opening a jug or bag of this weed strain, what should you anticipate after smoking it? Of course, everyone responds to cannabis differently, but we’ve got some common experiences to work with here. 

Most self-reports online for Sunset Sherbert describe its heady effects as a chill balance between body relaxation and mental alertness. Its typical THC levels hover around 18 percent, which puts it in the “average” category when it comes to potency. However, THC levels can be influenced by how the bud was grown, how it was packaged and stored, and what part of the plant the buds were pulled from. Plus, a strain with 18 percent THC will still get you ripped.


Since Sunset Sherbert is best known for how it smells and tastes, we’d recommend smoking or vaping this strain out of clean glassware. Rolling papers, blunt wraps, and resin-caked smoking accoutrements will detract from the tasting-room experience. Matches, butane lighters, and even hemp wicks may also alter Sunset Sherbert’s flavor. To guarantee you’re tasting only Sunset Sherbert, consider solar puffing a bowl with a magnifying glass or Fresnel lens. 

We’re living in the age of luxury weed! Treat yourself, and the herb will treat you nicely in return — as truly great flower should. Now, go embrace this very particular type of Sunset! 

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