Just in case you weren’t getting enough CBD from all of the tinctures, oils, chewing gums, gummies, toothpicks, deodorants, eye drops, skin creams, clothing, and sex lubes that are legally available across all 50 states, there’s now another cannabidiol-infused pillow for sale at the sweet, sweet price of $129.

The CBD Pillow, offered by the Camarillo, California-based company of the same name, utilizes THC-free CBD oil droplets specially bonded to the memory-foam pillow’s cover fabric. According to a press release, friction from a sleeper’s head causes the microscopic CBD drops to burst, which frees the cannabinoid to get taken up by the hair follicles.

“We were searching for a safe, natural solution to help people get the rest they so desperately need, and we found that solution in CBD. With the CBD Pillow, we can now provide the highest quality CBD, in the easiest, least intrusive way, so that everyone can experience the benefits of CBD,” said Michael Hughes, CBD Pillow’s CEO. “And with microencapsulation technology, we’ve pioneered a pillow that benefits everyone — from a seasoned CBD lover to a first-time tester.”

Since the CBD Pillow is marketed as a sleep-aid and not a medical product, it should skirt the FDA’s current crackdown on CBD companies making unfounded health claims.

Last year, Brookstone launched a CBD-infused pillow sold through Bed, Bath, and Beyond for $60. Brookstone, however, bonded its CBD to the pillow’s memory foam, so sleepers would theoretically have to sleep without a pillow cover to receive that product’s claimed benefits.

Andrew Mieure, a cannabis events strategist based in Las Vegas, tried out Brookstone’s pillow for himself. “I was left with a stiff neck and a strange smell in my nose,” he told MERRY JANE. “Decent quality pillow, albeit, too firm for my liking. The CBD had zero noticeable calming or well-being effects.”

As for the CBD Pillow from Camarillo, the company says each cover will deliver a total of 170mg CBD in microdoses. “Refill” covers can be purchased for $59. 

So, if you truly feel like you aren’t getting enough CBD these days, you could slap CBD Pillow covers over Brookstone’s CBD-Infused Bed Pillows, then set these on your CBD-infused bed mattress and snooze while burning a CBD-infused aromatherapy candle