CBD Butt Lube Is Coming, and There’s Nothing You Can Do to Stop It
Cannabis-infused lubes may be one of the most tantalizing innovations the weed industry has ever produced. And now there's a lubricant specifically for your rear-end, appropriately named "Boof."
Published on September 18, 2019

There’s a new cannabis-infused sexual lubricant, and it’s made to go right into your keester.

Fort Troff, a company that designs sex products and toys for gay men, recently partnered with cannabis-sex-lube manufacturer Foria to create “Boof,” a CBD-infused “butt shot” that promises to help bottoms and switches “take XL cocks and more.” 

However, there is still disagreement regarding CBD’s efficacy when it’s taken alone. A growing body of research suggests that CBD works best when combined with THC – the intoxicating component of cannabis – which means lubes that contain THC may ultimately offer far more promise than Boof’s “butt shots.” Besides, CBD lubes, like pretty much every other CBD product, won’t get anyone buzzed, especially in the nether regions. 

There’s some evidence that CBD can help people relax and stave off stress, two excellent ways to facilitate great sex. And there’s still more evidence that CBD can alleviate pain and inflammation, two (usually) undesired consequences of all-night bedroom romps. 

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These three potentially beneficial properties of CBD — enhancing physical sensations, inducing relaxation, and reducing pain — prompted Fort Troff and Foria to develop CBD “poppers” designed for anal sex. Besides the potential pain factor, anal sex requires a lot of mental preparation, as well, and weed can definitely help in that arena

In the US, CBD products are popping up everywhere, from gas stations to drug store chains to hipster fashion boutiques. This family-friendly component of cannabis is now making its way into sex shops, as CBD companies infuse the compound into lubricants.

Topicals like CBD sex lubes have seen their sales increase over the past few weeks due to customers shifting their spending from vape products to topicals, in light of the recent vaping lung illness scare. And it’s not just happening here; it’s happening overseas in the UK, as well. One London-based retailer claims that customers have become especially interested in spicing up their sex lives with weed topicals, making CBD-infused lubricants one of his best-selling products.

As reported by The Guardian, Johan Obel, director of the online retailer the Drug Store, sells all kinds of CBD products. According to Obel, CBD-infused lubes are “by far one of our bestsellers.” But UK companies cannot make any health claims related to CBD consumption; it can only be offered as a nutritional supplement, sans any health claims.

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“We never use any medical terminology,” Obel told The Guardian. “If people come in asking for advice on a specific issue, we tell them to do their own research.”

So, what does the research say about cannabis-infused lubricants, though? Are there any bonafide health benefits that come from wetting up the naughty bits with CBD? Or is it just sexy fad, like flavored condoms and edible undies?

The research is scant, but there’s evidence that CBD could enhance orgasms, particularly for women. But keep in mind most CBD research involves rodents, not humans, and some of the studies with human subjects were privately and independently conducted by CBD sellers themselves.

For instance, the website Remedy Review, which sells CBD products, held a poll that mostly received responses from women. Of those who tried CBD-infused lubes, 64 percent claimed it enhanced their sex lives, especially when it came to the Big O. But what does the lab science say?

There’s some suspicion that CBD lubes could cause the vaginal canal to tighten, which may sound exciting, but that comes with some possible downsides, too. As to whether CBD lubes could help the anus tighten up, as well  —  well… does it really need to be any more than it already is?

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