Welcome to the Monday, August 7 installment of MJ’s Daily News Wrap Up!

Snoop Dogg Dips Into the Ice Cream Market

Snoop Dogg just dropped yet another food brand. This time he’s taking aim at hybrid ice cream flavors, specifically with weed-induced munchies in mind.

“You know what it is? It was the fact I was buying two or three different kinds of ice cream and mixing them up, mixing and matching,” Snoop told TMZ. “And I was like, ‘You know what? Maybe I should make my own where I don’t have to buy two different brands and get the flavor that I’m looking for.’

Snoop’s Dr. Bombay Ice Cream will do just that, debuting with flavors such as Syrupy Waffle Sundae Daze, and Rollin; In The Dough. The brand is available at Walmart and Target.

Wiz Khalifa Says He Doesn’t Need to Hire a Pro-Blunt Roller

Wiz Khalifa took a playful jab at fellow rapper Snoop Dogg, saying he will never hire a weed roller because “no one rolls better” than himself. 

Snoop has, in the past, discussed outsourcing his blunt rolling to a hired professional, though last year he beefed pretty hard with said professional concerning the actual amount of weed he smoked on the daily.

Seth Rogen Avoids Edibles on Advice He Got From Snoop

Comedian-turned-pot-entrepreneuer Seth Rogen recently discussed the success of his company, Houseplant, with Vanity Fair. During the interview, he was asked if he “fucked with edibles,” to which he replied… sort of. 

Describing edibles as a special affair best reserved for the likes of, say, seeing Oppenheimer on the big screen, Rogen says he doesn’t usually dabble in infused foodstuffs. He quoted a conversation he once had with fellow edibles abstainer Snoop Dogg, who said edibles “got no off switch.” 

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