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Johnny Blaze just rolled out his own weed line.

As of Tuesday, Detroit residents have a new celebrity cannabis brand to choose from when shopping at their local pot shops. The rapper, actor, and jazz cabbage advocate Method Man recently announced the release of TICAL, which stands for Taking Into Consideration All Lives. The brand, which currently includes a variety of flower, edible gummies, and even a pre-rolled blunt, was developed in partnership with the Rochester Hills-based Glorious Cannabis Co.

Although TICAL is an acronym the Long Island rapper began using since the early ’90s, the message behind it is more relevant than ever, especially when it comes to diversity within Detroit’s legal market. Nathaniel Vereen, co-founder of TICAL, told Click on Detroit, “Out of 300 plus stores, there are only six operating black-owned retailers throughout Michigan. This is the reason why we need to continue to push our message of social equity to make sure black entrepreneurs are given a fair opportunity to operate in a space that has been built on injustice.”

Detroit isn’t the only city to experience a lack of diversity within its cannabis community, either. Many states that allow adult-use cannabis have instituted social equity provisions aimed at helping small business owners most harmed by the War on Drugs. However, many of these programs have done little to undo decades of injustice toward minorities.

Who knows, if Method Man continues to dominate the cannabis scene in multiple states, maybe he will finally open that weed-themed college from his 2001 film How High. For now, you can find TICAL products at dispensaries throughout California, Colorado, Nevada, and at five black-owned Michigan dispensaries:

Remedy, Detroit

House of Zen, Detroit

House of Mary Jane, Detroit

West Coast Meds, Detroit

Viola, Detroit