Is Berner Getting Ready to Start a Cookies Skate Team?
On a new episode of his ‘Round Table’ podcast, the Cookie Fam honcho broke bread with pro skater Paul Rodriguez and hinted at a potential new set of influencers to market his famous strains.
Published on May 20, 2019

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Berner does it all. The owner of the Cookies cannabis brand is responsible for some of the industry’s most hyped strains and clothing. He’s also a rapper with more than 30 projects under his belt, a marketing mogul with his fingers in everything from G-Pen to his new rolling paper project Vibes, and now a newly-minted podcaster with his new show, The Round Table

On the latest episode, Berner sat down with longtime pro skater Paul Rodriguez to talk Nike deals, the unique avenues of Latinx celebrity, and of course, skateboarding’s longtime love affair with weed. And while P-Rod abstained from smoking during the show, that didn’t stop Berner from lighting up, or from letting us in on his plans to bless a few skaters with a few bags of GSC, Gelato, Cereal Milk, and Georgia Pie.

“Who are the guys I need to bring a bag to? Who do I need to go bless?” Berner asked P-Rod. “I know weed and skating go hand-in-hand and I wanna provide some of this good herb for some of the boys out there putting in work.”

And while Rodriguez racked his brain but came up empty on suggestions for a Cookies skate team, here at MERRY JANE, we like to consider ourselves something like experts on that eternal handshake between stunt wood and skunk. Therefore, we figured we could help out with some suggestions. So Berner: if you’re looking for a crew of heavy-toking rippers to rep Cookies in the skate world, we’ve got the squad for you:

Kevin Bradley:

A SoCal native affectionately known as the Kush Cowboy, Bradley is a stoner savant with the ability to party for months straight without ever losing a step on his board. Bradley is already pro for Fucking Awesome, Supreme, and Nike, so adding a Cookies sponsorship to complement the world’s most hyped brands would fit in perfectly.

Brian Delatorre:

If there’s gonna be a Cookies skate team, there’s gotta be at least one San Francisco-based skater on the squad, and Brian Delatorre is the perfect pick. Originally from Florida, De La has made the hills of SF his home, with a joint or blunt constantly close at hand as he flies down the avenues. Come to think of it, GX1000 would make a pretty great strain name.

Jamal Smith:

Okay, so we’re a little biased with this one, but if Jamal was your friend, you would be, too. A weed smoker of the highest degree, Jamal’s mind-bending lines and otherworldly ability to land seemingly every trick he throws with no regard for balance has already outshined his viral fame. And like his current sponsors Palace and Adidas, Cookies would be wise to turn Jamal pro as soon as possible.

Stephen Lawyer:

Last time we checked, the San Diego stoner with the quickest feet in the West was still a weed company free agent. A Sk8Mafia pro, Lawyer has never shied away from his love for all things reefer, and if Berner is looking for a trendsetter to bring into the Cookies fold, there’s really no other choice.

We’ll tune into the next episode of The Roundtable, but take our suggestions to heart. We want a Cookies skate team as much as you, Berner!

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