DC Shoes is one of the longest running footwear brands in the skateboard industry, and while sometimes that means being around too many years to stay relevant, DC has never fallen off the map. Instead, their skate squad has been fortified with some of the freshest talent out. From young guns like Alexis Ramirez to veterans like Danny Way and Josh Kalis, the camp’s got a well-rounded composition that’s undeniable, and might explain why the new “DC Promo” video broke the skateboard’s corner of the internet this weekend.

Shot and directed by Chris Ray, the “DC Promo” is 20 minutes worth of technical progression and striaght up gnarliness. The video showcases the brand’s bevy of young talent, with full parts coming in from T-Funk’s incredible opener, Evan Smith and Wes Kremer’s double dragon middle, and Tiago Lemos’ eye-popping ender.

Tristan most certainly brings a funk and steez that gives Supreme’s “Cherry” youth crew a run for their money. The pint-sized pusher wallies and pole jams his way across stairs and rails that the average skater couldn’t even trace with their eyes. The combination of Smith and Kremer is an adrenaline-laced treat that’ll keep your eyes glued to the screen and wondering how those dudes keep their feet glued to the board. Then it all comes to a soulful close with the Brazilian powerhouse that is Tiago Lemos, an extraordinary skater with superhuman pop and unreal ambidextrous ability. Honorable mentions are definitely in order for the crane master, Madars Apse, the firecracker Cyril Jackson, and newcomers John Shanahan and Chase Webb.

Take your time examining the otherworldly skills because you certainly won’t be able to take in all of the tricks and talent in just one sitting. Lucky for you, DC was nice enough to release the video for free, giving you as many replays as your soon-to-be-exploding mind can handle.