Tiago Lemos’ “Press Play” Part Is Amazing
He just might be the best skater right now. Period.
Published on October 21, 2016

Brazilian prodigy Tiago Lemos came seemingly out of nowhere in 2014 when a clip of him switch backside tailsliding the gap to ledge (the WHOLE ledge) at L.A.’s J Kwon plaza showed up on everyone's feeds, immediately inspiring awe. His style and power were totally mesmerizing. What followed shortly thereafter was a wonderful introduction in the form of a shared part with fellow Brazilian Carlos Iqui in the Gold Wheels video Gold Goons.

From there on, it has been a rapid upward trajectory, from being tapped by Ty Evans to play a major part in his Mountain Dew funded We Are Blood (his skating is hands down the best in the video), to the absolute standout part in DC Shoes’ De La Calle/ Da Rua, and turning pro for his board sponsor Boulevard at the end of Quinto earlier this year.

Today, to celebrate Tiago’s signature colorway of the DC “The Plaza” model, Thrasher has shared his newest part, “Press Play.” As expected the part is pure insanity, making even the most technical tricks look like the ground might begin to crack after landing them. It’s unlikely that anyone else could possibly make a switch shuvit nosegrind fakie tre flip out look as good as he does. Among other mind-blowing trick, he switch bigspin tailslides the J Kwon gap to ledge as his ender, coming back full circle to when he burst on the scene, and one upping that trick in the process.

Is it the baggy pants? Or the infectious joy that he projects through his skating? One thing is for sure, Tiago Lemos is a straight beast. Look for him to destroy any and every spot on the globe in the near future.

Watch "Press Play" here. 

Hadrien Turner
Hadrien Turner is a freelance writer and skate junkie based in Athens, GA.
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