The city of Los Angeles announced Friday that Speed Weed, a popular marijuana delivery service servicing Los Angeles and Orange County, will be shutting down operations on June 6. 

City Attorney Mike Feuer has had the mobile bud service in his crosshairs for months, claiming the service violates the voter-approved Proposition D.

For decades Califonia has led the way in medical marijuana access, but back in May 2013, Proposition D was passed to limit and further regulate medical marijuana businesses across the city. The measure would also prohibit delivery services.

Founded in 2014, Speed Weed (the UberEats for weed) has been delivering the GOODS to dispensaries across the region for an estimated 25,000 customers.

“This is another successful step in our sustained effort to uphold the voters’ will under Proposition D,” Feuer said in a statement.

Nevermind the fact, we'll now have a bunch of stoned patients on the road driving to get their medicine.