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Next time you try to bum a cigarette from a stranger on the streets of Toronto, Montreal, or Vancouver, there’s a possibility that you’ll luck out and end up puffing on a perfectly rolled joint.

According to The Deep Dive, licensed Canadian cannabis company THC BioMed is releasing a new product called “Pure Cannabis Cigarettes,” machine-made pre-rolls with filter tips and a general appearance identical to that of a traditional tobacco cigarette.

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The new product will not contain any tobacco, nicotine, or other added chemicals. Other than a more discreet appearance, it is not exactly clear what benefits will come along with having a cigarette filter on the end of a joint. That said, THC BioMed claims its machinery is capable of producing 5,000 cannabis cigs per minute, and hopes that the unique design could lead to a huge shift in Canada’s popular pre-roll market.

“We are pleased to be the first cannabis producer to put filters between the cannabis we are selling, and our consumers,” THC BioMed president and CEO John Miller said in a press release. “Filters were invented to protect the consumer and not degrade the experience.”