Weed and Coffee: Easy Ways to Add Cannabis to Your Cup of Joe
Turn up your next cup of joe.
Published on October 31, 2016

In 1922, William H. Ukers, founder of the Tea and Coffee Trade Journal, wrote the definitive work on everyone’s favorite morning ritual: All About Coffee: A History of Coffee from the Classic Tribute to the World's Most Beloved Beverage. Ukers spent almost two decades traversing the globe, learning everything he could about coffee beans and their toasty caramel-noted brew.

Today, nearly a century later, roughly two billion cups of coffee are consumed each and every day. Coffee brings joy to our weary, sleep-laden minds and energy to our tired, heavy bodies. The drink is now synonymous with workplace productivity and human efficiency...but it could be better. It’s time to up the ante on wake and bake and get your morning cup of joe on our level. Here are five ways to make canna-coffee and put your own spin on the “green rush.”


Rejoice! Cannabis-infused sugar is here! Welcome to the wonderful world of weed. Companies like Relevant Innovations have carefully constructed ways to merge organically grown cannabis into fast-acting, highly metabolizable, controllable doses of sugar crystals. Relevant’s Green Sugar is CO2-extracted, solventless, and will soon be available in flexible strengths, using high CBD or THC strains. Other variations of canna-sugar products, like Ruby Cannabis Sugar and CannaCane, are sold in dispensaries across the country. You can also learn to make your own at home.

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Whether you prefer dairy milk or vegan alternatives, milks of all types, from cow’s milk to almond and soy varieties, have enough fat content to promote an easily digestible infusion of dosable cannabinoids into each cup. A joint’s worth of cannabis per each quarter liter of milk is a lovely way to kick off your day. In a nearly identical process to making cannabutter, gently warming finely ground cannabis into the milk of your choice creates a potent, synergistically soothing coffee creamer. Cannamilk is an excellent DIY addition to your daily caffeine fix.

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Both the Paleo and Real Foods movements advocate for adding all-natural, grass-fed butter to coffee for its healthy proteins and fats as well as its ability to keep you sated throughout the day. Butter is created from churned milk, the same source as milk and coffee creamer. Why not go for the green and use cannabis-infused butter? Try the popular and versatile MagicalButter machine, an easy-to-use immersion blender with a digital thermostat and heating unit, or follow this simple cannabutter recipe.

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CBD and THC honey sticks and straws, ladies and gentlemen. Get to know them. These are the modern day swizzle stick. You can stir your coffee and simultaneously blast in some cannabis. Cannabis honey sticks are widely available in many medical and recreational states. Often made with organic local honey combined with CO2 extracted cannabis oil, honey sticks are the sweet swirl of delight your cup of joe craves. You can also add cannabis honey sticks to tea, yogurt, fruit cups, or just sip the sweet bee nectar straight from the straw.

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Love mocha lattes? Why not add a square or two of the many chocolate edibles on the market to your coffee for an amazing cannabis-infused cacao treat? Chocolatiers from Peak Extracts, Leif Medicinals, Kiva, and Bhang make delicious, decadent medicated options for your morning buzz. An added benefit to traveling for work, or weed tourism, is that you can stop at a nearby dispensary, grab locally made infused chocolates, then visit a local coffee roaster and plunk a square of medible into their tastiest brew. At home, you can make a potent mocha-honey-butter latte using all of the above, or step things up a notch with this hot cacao and cannabis coffee infusion.

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