Martian Rocks Weed: WTF Is This Cannabis Product and Is It Even Real?
Martian rocks weed supposedly combines eight separate layers of cannabis to create a product with over 98 percent THC content, but is it real or just an urban legend?
Published on May 7, 2021

If you ever had to sit through one of those anti-drug seminars in high school, then you've definitely heard about how weed is super dangerous because modern pot has way more THC than '60s weed did. As with most cannabis myths, recent research studies have already debunked any claims that super-high-potency weed poses any serious health risk. One aspect of this theory is actually true, though: Modern cannabis products are definitely stronger than ever.

Cannabis businesses and DIY weed lovers are constantly dreaming up new ways to create the ultimate high. Careful breeding has produced strains of flower with THC levels as high as 37 percent, and concentrates regularly boast THC levels of up to 82 percent! But, as powerful as these products are, stoners are always dreaming up new, creative solutions to take that high even higher.

Is Martian Rocks Weed Urban Legend?

According to popular legend, one cannabis product has even managed to achieve a THC content of nearly 100 percent – martian rocks weed.

An Urban Dictionary entry from 2017 claims that martian rocks weed is “the world's strongest bud,” with a lab-tested THC content of 98.2 percent. In order to achieve this impressive feat, high-grade flower is supposedly dipped in hash oil, dusted with kief, and then rolled in CBD extract. After that, the nugs are covered in bud butter, sprinkled with Green Crack and dank dust, and finally dipped in weed jello. Yes, that's eight separate layers of weed.


Martian rocks seem to be a new take on moon rocks, a luxury cannabis item that originally began popping up on the West Coast around 2014. Moon rocks are made by taking a THC-rich cannabis strain like GSC, coating it entirely in hash oil or live resin, and then rolling it in kief. This produces a sticky rock that can be broken apart and smoked in a bong or pipe, or blazed on top of regular flower. With three layers of weed in play, moon rocks can often contain 50 or even 60 percent THC content.

What Other Products Are Like Martian Rocks?

There's also another product called sun rocks, which are even stronger. Instead of using hash oil, sun rocks are made by covering powerful bud with pure butane hash oil extract (BHO). With only two layers of pot, sun rocks look more like regular bud than moon rocks, but the combination of the flower and the BHO can contain as much as 80 percent THC, guaranteeing that a single hit will send you into the stratosphere. 

If you're ready to jump past the sun and moon and go straight to Mars, you can find a few online retailers that sell martian rocks weed for anywhere from $250 an ounce to a truly eye-watering $1,800 per pound. A closer investigation raises some serious red flags, though. Pretty much every website selling these products is just reusing the Urban Dictionary description of martian rocks, word for word. Some of these websites even have product descriptions that look like they have been written by a bot, not a person. 

So, Wait, Are Martian Rocks Real?

So, are martian rocks even real, or are they just an urban legend? It's hard to say, but if you're not down to drop two grand in an attempt to score martian rocks from a shady website, you could always try to make your own, since they are similar to good ol' fashioned moon rocks. 

It’s pretty easy to pick up high-THC items at your local adult-use store, but even so, some crafty stoners still love to grow their own weed and make their own BHO, hash oil, gummies, and other DIY cannabis products in the comfort of their own homes. There are plenty of instructions online for making your own moon and sun rocks, which could serve as a great starting point for your own personal martian rocks weed creations.

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Chris Moore
Chris Moore is a New York-based writer who has written for Mass Appeal while also mixing records and producing electronic music.
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