What Are Marijuana Moon Rocks & How To Make Your Own (Recipe)
Make your own with this easy recipe!
Published on November 4, 2016

Cannabis moon rocks, not to be confused with pure MDMA crystals by the same name, consist of a pinch of bud covered in hash oil then rolled in kief. Making them is as simple as it sounds. Smoking them is pure luxury. The combination is like your first taste of triple cream brie or last sip of champagne in anticipation of the next generous pour. It’s no wonder people are calling them “the strongest cannabis in the world” and “the best high on Earth.”

In this delicious cannabinoid-rich concoction, overall potency depends on the strengths and synergies of the combined ingredients. A typical moon rock weighs in at around 50 percent THC. Each moon rock has varying degrees of effect depending on the strains used, terpene and cannabinoid concentrations, and practically unmeasurable synergism between the flower, hash, and kief you choose. Additionally, if you use products that have a bit of CBD, you can compound the experience with CBD’s coveted muscle-relaxing properties. How you’ll react to smoking moon rocks is further determined by your tolerance.

Yes, moon rocks are strong, but there are forms of cannabis with higher concentrations of THC, like Space Dust at 99 percent THC-A, or RSO. If you’re looking to transcend the moon, we suppose you could cover your strongest flower in 90 percent THC concentrated hash-oil and roll it in 99 percent THC crystals. Perhaps one should call that a “Comet” or “Asteroid” instead. With typical moon rocks, their strength resides in their sheer elegance, and their potent, yet modish, nature.

Today, moon rocks are all the rage and you can find them pre-made pretty much anywhere in legal cannabis states. Brands like Kurupts Moonrock are known across Cali thanks to a little help from Snoop. Or you can design your own at home using this recipe:

Moon Rock Recipe


  • Weed, your strain of choice (whole buds not shake)
  • Kief, a.k.a. “pollen” or “dry sift” (the glittery trichomes found on cannabis flower)
  • Hash Oil
  • Small Brush or Dropper
  • Tongs or Tweezers


  1. Choose a compact bud from your stash. Pick a bud or buds sized proportionately to the amount of hash oil and kief you have available.
  2. Using a Small Brush or Dropper, drizzle Hash Oil over the bud. Completely cover the bud in Hash Oil, but don’t saturate it.
  3. Using Tongs or Tweezers, carefully pick up the Hash Oil covered bud and roll it in Kief.
  4. Allow the bud to dry thoroughly.
  5. When ready to smoke, break the bud in half-first to see the colors and layers of your newly minted moon rock.


  • This is a great opportunity to mix and match different types and strains of cannabis. Try Jack Herrer kief with Diesel flower and Bubba Kush hash. There are tons of possibilities.
  • Smoke moon rocks in a clean hash bowl, pipe, bubbler, or bong for maximum smoking satisfaction.
  • Light moon rocks using a HempWick to keep butane or match-smoke from tainting the incredible taste.
That moment you crack open a #moonrock @skyhigh.farms @clubskyhighpdx
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Once you try them, you’ll see what all the hype is about. The euphoria is long-lasting, the body-buzz invigorating. They’re the delectable uni-covered nigiri of cannabis, and equally as tasty for cannabis medical patients seeking strong relief.

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