Consumption Report: A Week of Weed with Rachel "Wolfie" Wolfson
The meme lord kept a dank diary of her cannabis consumption experiences while she attended MJ BizCon in Las Vegas. From VIP penthouse parties to dinner with her parents, Wolfie lived the high life.
Published on December 6, 2018

Welcome to Consumption Reports, MERRY JANE and VICE's new series via Sticky, where we spend a weed week-in-the-life of a notable cannabis personality. This diary of dank nug will track each subject’s entire cannabis consumption experiences over the course of a full work week.

On top of the THC tally, our subjects will detail the set and setting specs of their seshes, document the week, and include subsequent observations and highdeas. First up we’ve got Rachel “Wolfie” Wolfson.

Originally from Las Vegas, Rachel “Wolfie” Wolfson moved to Los Angeles to work in the entertainment industry and to smoke weed legally.  She is a comedian, writer and producer. When she’s not performing on stages all over the world, you can find her smoking weed on the Youtube channel The Budd. 


MONDAY - November 12th

9:30 AM

Woke up at to get to the gym at 10, and I took a hit of stickevape to get my day going and because it helps me focus when I workout. When I smoke joints or blunts before I workout, my sweat smells like a dispensary. 


11:27 AM

About to walk to go get some coffee at this coffee shop near my place called Solar De Cahuenga. I like getting coffee here because sometimes I’ll write and smoke joints outside on the patio and they never give me a problem. I order a iced vanilla latte with half almond and half coconut milk, but first a post-workout blunt. I am loving these Hollywoods that contain 1.2 grams of Hollywood OG flower and .3 Cake Badder wax — although they’re non-compliant, the pre-rolled blunts are filled with flower and wax and have the perfect amount of tobacco.

2:40 PM

I smoke another blunt while I go on live on Instagram in my apartment and stream with my followers. I’ll update them on my weekly schedule, what shows I have coming up, and promote The Budd Youtube channel. I like to show myself consuming weed every time I go live on Instagram because I think it helps normalize the plant to my audience. And I have to go on my friend and comedian Sam Tripolis’ Tin Foil Hat podcast to talk conspiracy theories, so of course I want to get high before.


5:45 PM

The podcast was really fun. It was cool to get high and talk conspiracy theories with a comedian I really look up to. I think smoking the blunt helped me open my mind and be more involved in the conversation. A little while after, I smoked a blunt with my girl Sam Grody (@samgrody) in the parking lot before we went to The Comedy Store for “potluck,” which is where comedians lineup for the weekly open mic to try their best material in hopes of being seen by the booker. I didn't get up, but my girl Sam did a set during “Kill Tony,” which is where comedians place their name in a bucket to be chosen by comedian Tony Hinchcliffe, who then invites you to try your best one-minute bit on stage. Sam was amazing. I have to think the blunt we smoked before her set had something to do with that. 

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Rachel "Wolfie" Wolfson
Comedian, meme lord, cannabis hero. For Wolfie's upcoming shows or the dankest weed memes, follow her on Twitter (@wolfiecomedy) and Instagram (@wolfiememes).
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