Cheech and Chong Are Launching an Online Weed Community
The iconic stoners' new Bowlmates community gives fans exclusive content, merch discounts, and most importantly, a place to talk about weed.
Published on March 28, 2023

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Cheech & Chong are launching a new social media community that will allow cannabis enthusiasts to share their love of weed without fear of censorship. 

The legendary comedic duo's new Bowlmates community, created in partnership with fan experience platform Ear2Ground, gives stoners a safe space to talk about weed. The partners specifically designed the site to avoid the cannabis censorship that is baked into every major social media network. Meta, parent company of Instagram and Facebook, has a long history of censoring, deleting and “shadow banning” accounts that discuss cannabis, and TikTok's weed ban is so extreme that the company even blocks cannabis safety PSAs

"With other social media platforms censoring cannabis posts and content, it was time to build our own community that is inclusive for all cannabis enthusiasts and content without the fear of unwanted and improper censorship," said Bowlmates CEO Jonathan Black in a press release.

Bowlmates also offers fans exclusive content and livestreams, behind the scenes content, and discounts on merch and partner brands. Members are invited to complete online activities to earn virtual tokens that can be exchanged for merch. The site also offers exclusive access to meet-n-greets and signings, and members can compete to win a one-on-one meetup with the duo.

Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong cemented their role as the world's most famous stoner buddies with their 1978 movie Up In Smoke, which became an unexpected smash hit. The weed lovers toured the world with their dank stand-up routines throughout the height of the War on Drugs, advocating for legalization all along the way. Chong was eventually raided by the cops in 2003 and sentenced to nearly a decade in jail for selling glass pipes online, but fortunately only served 9 months.

Now that weed is finally legal in over half of the US, Cheech & Chong have launched their own brands, merch, rolling papers, glassware, incense, and a dispensary chain. Last year, the duo went back to their roots and rebooted Up In Smoke as a limited edition graphic novel. And now, they are back with their new Bowlmates community.

"We have been spreading love and connecting people through our movies, albums and live shows for decades,” Tommy Chong said in a statement. “Creating somewhere online where we can continue that mission…it's been a long time coming, man.”

"It's true! Finally, a place where we can unite on a deeper level with our Bowlmates from around the world than we ever have before," Cheech Marin added.

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