A Long Sweet Trip: Here’s How to Make Drool-Worthy DIY Magic Mushroom Chocolate
Mushrooms and chocolate are the ultimate tripper duo. Here’s our guide to making dose-specific and delicious psychedelic mushroom chocolate at home.
Published on July 3, 2020

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As pot prohibition continues to crumble, psilocybin mushrooms appear to be the next natural, mind-expanding tools making a mainstream breakthrough by way of both decriminalization (with heroically heady districts Denver and Oakland leading the charge) and a proper change in antiquated attitudes.

That’s the great news. The (once) undeniable downside of magic mushrooms, though, has always been that no matter how carefully they’re cultivated or how hugely users may benefit, they’re still gnarly heaps of fungi best consumed by mouth and, put bluntly, they taste like shit — literally.

Of course, where there’s a will to get high, there’s always a way. Obviously, trippers have figured out how to maneuver around the inherent “yuck” factor of chewing on magic mushrooms. And, like stoners, psychonauts are equally as inventive. Countless psychonauts, for example, have long turned magic mushrooms into tea.

Now that we're in a “cooking with cannabis" era, however, inventive chefs continue to cultivate ways to make loaded toadstools palatable. Among the most succulent and successful of these newly popular approaches is magic mushroom chocolate.

In essence, chocolate does instantly make everything it touches better, but the prospect of shroomy chocolate may seem odd. In fact, though, cacao and mushrooms have been blended together for use in psychedelic rituals for centuries. We’re just catching up to what our ancestors knew about chocolate mushrooms, who loved them both individually and together.  

Still, magic mushroom chocolate may seem like an outrageous challenge to attempt to create on your own. But— it’s not. And MERRY JANE is here to help with the best, simplest, most effective recipe we’ve found so far to create fantastically flavorful, exquisitely elevating magic mushroom chocolate.


(Note: 5 grams is considered a "heroic" dose)

Ingredients for Magic Mushroom Chocolate

While many ambitious culinary psychonauts may prefer to create magic mushroom chocolate from scratch — which is totally dope — the following recipe is designed to get you sweetly tripping as quickly, conveniently, and delectably as possible. The amount you make depends only on the amount of ’shrooms and chocolate you have on hand, and how many portions you want to whip up.

Here’s what you’ll need: 

  1. Magic mushrooms, thoroughly dried and ready to chop
  2. Store bought chocolate — can be in bars, chips, or any other form
  3. Large saucepan
  4. Sharp knife // Grinder
  5. Non-stick baking sheet or, for more fun, chocolate molds. You can get them from most supermarkets (they may even have mushroom shapes)
  6. Scale 


Determine Your Dosage

Once you’ve got your ingredients, please consider how powerful you want to make each piece of magic chocolate. We advise making lower-dose chocolate. Having a scale will be helpful here. That way you can measure out enough mushrooms to reach 1 gram — that’s the perfect microdose. But feel free to put less than that too if you don’t know how a gram makes you feel. Obviously, feel free to add more than a gram if you’re seasoned shroomer.

Regardless, make note of how much raw medicine goes into your chocolate. That way you can tell people one piece of chocolate has 1 gram (or .5 grams; or 1.5 grams) of ground up, raw mushrooms in it. So, if you’re making one bar to split with a friend, each half of the bar should contain one dose. If you’re making ten molded pieces, use ten doses evenly within each portion.



First things first, make sure your ’shrooms are entirely dry. The slightest moisture can throw off the entire endeavor. Then follow these steps:

  1. Chop your mushrooms up into small, easily manageable pieces.
  2. Put chocolate in a glass bowl. If you’ve got bars, break them into pieces. If you’re using chocolate chips, pour them in until you’ve got the amount you want.
  3. Fill the saucepan with water about half-way and place the chocolate-filled bowl in the middle of the pan. (Chocolate should not be getting wet)
  4. Place the pan on a stovetop or other heat source, and bring the water to a boil. The heat from the water will melt the chocolate inside the bowl. Theoretically you can melt the chocolate in the microwave, but there’s a high risk that you’ll burn the core ingredient in your psychedelic confection!
  5. Remove the bowl from the pan once chocolate is melted and let it cool for a minute. Extreme heat can damage mushrooms.
  6. Once the chocolate has cooled a bit, mix in your mushrooms and stir them together. The goal is to get the mushrooms evenly distributed throughout the chocolate. So you have to mix very well.
  7. Pour the mushroom-packed chocolate onto your baking sheet or into molds.
  8. Place the chocolate in a refrigerator to cool down and properly set. Once the chocolate is solid, you’re good to go!  

Some Final Thoughts Before You Take a Trip

Remember, outside of Denver and Oakland, psilocybin mushrooms remain totally illegal. Even in those jurisdictions, mushrooms are still technically Schedule I drugs. Creating magic mushroom chocolate, then, can get you arrested (and possibly worse). So you do so at your own risk.

Also, be aware that the inherently lousy taste of mushrooms typically keeps people from shovelling tons down their throats at a time. Blending it with chocolate, however, will probably taste delicious. So, be careful! We all know what it’s like when you eat too many delicious weed edibles — it’s not awesome. But eating too many ‘shrooms can sometimes test your sanity.

In short, be sweet when consuming magic mushroom chocolate and the energy will be returned tenfold.

Mike McPadden
Mike McPadden is the author of "Heavy Metal Movies" and the upcoming "Last American Virgins." He writes about movies, music, and crime in Chicago. Twitter @mcbeardo
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