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7 Things Weed Lovers Have to Be Thankful for This Thanksgiving

Because, gratitude.

by Zoe Wilder

by Zoe Wilder

The upcoming holiday season serves as a nice reminder to consider all the things we are grateful for in this big, beautiful world. Oh, we are so incredibly grateful for cannabis. And, why not? Weed is amazing! Today, over 60 percent of U.S. citizens support legalization, that’s the highest amount in recorded history. Here are seven reasons why cannabis lovers should be grateful. If you don’t love weed, that’s OK. This list may nudge you to appreciate it a little more. There’s a lot of goodness happening here.

You Can Turn Your Love of Weed Into a Career

Strain sommeliers, budtenders, grow-masters, extraction-technicians, trimmers, proprietors, investors, and myriad other professions now exist in the cannabis world. Many of the people forging the industry today have had personal healing experiences with the plant. And maybe you do, too. If you’re looking for a new career, you can now study cannabis at one of the many learning institutions across the world.

Weed Is Everywhere in the Arts

Easier access to cannabis means artists are creating more freely, imbibing more liberally, and producing more intensely under the influence of cannabis. For those of us who love live shows, a hot new album, a great installation, incredible comedians, or kicking back to the latest episode of MTV’s Mary + Jane, we’re reaping the benefits of cannabis normalization on a daily basis.

The Weed Comes to You

Slowly disappearing are the days of the “waiting game.” You know that stretch of time between paging your dealer, driving to the McDonald’s parking lot, and waiting for them to show up with your dime sack? It still happens.

Meanwhile, cannabis delivery startup Eaze just raised $13 million in its third round of funding. Eaze has raised a total of $24.5 million to date. According to Forbes, this makes the “Uber for Weed” the highest-funded startup in the history of the cannabis industry, as well as its fastest-growing one. “UberPOOL” is one of the coolest features of Uber, providing a guaranteed fare to riders who share their car with others headed in the same direction. A WeedPOOL feature would be pretty cool!

The Munchies Come to You

In days past, the only choices for munchies delivery were a handful of local restaurants or fast food. Now, with apps like Amazon Now, Caviar, Postmates, Seamless, Grubhub, Delivery Dudes, and more, high-class munchies are just a few screen taps away.

Looking to do Netflix and Chill properly? Rock five apps at once and order a taxi for your date, then order Tortellini en Brodo from across town, a pack of blunt wraps from the local market, and Master Kush from the dispensary. Stream your favorite movie and, well, the rest is up to you.

There Are Healthier Ways to Consume

Consuming cannabis has never been healthier. Now that some states allow citizens to legally grow marijuana plants, juicing leaves to get your daily dose of vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals and endocannabinoid nutrition is a reality. For those who dislike combustion, there are a plethora of vaporizers on the market like PAX or Herbalizer to choose from with scientific data about the benefits and boiling points of terpenes and cannabinoids to guide you. Plus, you can purchase or make your own cannabis-infused topicals, suppositories, lubricant, patches, edibles, and tinctures for moisturization, pain relief, and sensual satisfaction.

The End of Prohibition Is Near

While it’s not perfect yet, and it may never be, cannabis prohibition is slowly fading away. The DEA is encouraging the study of CBD. Federal and state governments are encouraging the production of industrial hemp. The federal government is honoring individual state's medical marijuana laws. Doctors have been granted federal permission to prescribe cannabis to veterans for PTSD.

And now, nearly half the country has legalized some form of medicinal marijuana, with nearly 20 percent of the country on the cusp of full-on legalization. Even the private prison system is beginning to reform. We still have a long way to go, but thankfully the propagandized myth of weed causing scary wild orgies still hasn’t materialized. Oh, wait.

The Overall Price of Weed Is Going Down

According to industry data, the overall price of weed is decreasing.

Jonathan Rubin, CEO of Cannabis Benchmarks, a leading provider of financial, business, and industry data for the North American cannabis markets, reports, “The legal cannabis industry is in its infancy, and a long way from resembling other mature competitive agricultural commodity markets. In general, the consuming public can expect prices to move lower for many years to come. Along with increasing supply, the cost-reducing benefits of cutting-edge technology, operational best practices, and economies of scale are just beginning to infiltrate the cannabis industry. Fully competitive markets are still years away, and yet we are currently witnessing national wholesale prices 18 percent lower this year versus last year. These price declines will eventually translate into noticeable savings at the retail level.”

This means more money for munchies. Stay up-to-date on marijuana market trends by signing up for their weekly report.


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Zoe Wilder

Zoe Wilder is a writer based in Portland, Oregon, with a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from the College of William & Mary and a Master of Social Work from Fordham University.



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