Dear Mother,

It feels like this country is going up in flames and, I'll be honest, I’d like to escape, for just a little while. I’d love to take a vacation to a weed-friendly place out of the country. Any suggestions?

— Toasted Traveler


Dear Toasted,

It does seem like the perfect time to take a vacation, eh? Let’s take a look at a handful of fabulous destinations that won’t mind if you toke up as a tourist.

The most obvious choice is Amsterdam, and for good reason. It’s long been the premiere spot for stoners looking for a good time and some culture. Tourists are welcome at Amsterdam’s coffee shops, where you’ll find a variety of super potent strains to choose from and you can purchase a joint to go with your latte. There are over 200 of these types of shops in the city, so checking out reviews are key. You can also check out this list of the 15 most popular shops in Amsterdam.

In addition to the many coffee shops, make sure to check out the amazing cultural offerings that Amsterdam has to offer, from the many museums to the beautiful canals, architecture, and history.

If you’re already in Europe, why not head east to Prague, Czech Republic? While cannabis is not 100 percent legal, the country has incredibly lenient drug laws, and you should be fine having up to a half ounce on you. It’s not as easy to score some cannabis here, but if you already have some of your own you should be fine. Otherwise, get friendly with some locals who might be able to help you out. Then you can all go out for some delicious goulash and schnitzel to celebrate.

Ever fancied visiting Australia? Now may be the time to go. There’s a small town in the northern mountains of New South Wales called Nimbin. It’s a bit of a trek to get there, but it will be well worth it. Cannabis is decriminalized there, which means nobody will give you a hassle anyway, but in Nimbin, they’ll actually welcome you with open arms. Nimbin prides itself on its super strong stash, so smokers beware—even the most veteran of folks. When planning your trip, see if you can have it coincide with the annual MardiGrass festival!

Start saving your pennies now if you want to go to Barcelona, Spain. You’ll want to check it out in March when the city hosts Spannabis, the largest cannabis-community gathering in Europe. (There will also be a 2017 Spannabis in October in Madrid if you need a few more months of saving up.) This will be your best bet to check out the finest in herb the country has to offer.

Want to stay a bit closer to the States? Why not book a trip right across the border to Vancouver, Canada? Cannabis is not actually legal, but there’s a reason folks call this area Vansterdam. Beyond being a gorgeous city surrounded by stunning mountains, Vancouver is home to Hastings Street, which is also known as the “Pot Block.” There you can find some 420-friendly cafés, like the New Amsterdam Café, to enjoy a hot beverage and a joint.

If you’re looking to escape to someplace warm, check out the U.S. Virgin Islands. They decriminalized cannabis in 2014, so the most you’d be risking is a $200 fine, and that’s usually only if you’re flagrantly being obvious and obnoxious about it. Instead, head down to the beach, stick your toes in the white sand, and enjoy a spliff before your afternoon nap.

Sigh. If you’re looking for a friend to join you on your trip, Toasted, you know where to find me!

— Mother