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Rihanna’s New ‘Fenty Beauty’ Makeup Blotters Look Suspiciously Like Rolling Papers

The Internet is exploding over RiRi’s beauty line, and one product in particular has fashion-forward stoners salivating.

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Rihanna kept her crown as the queen of the summer this year with the DJ Khaled-backed Wild Thoughts”, and now the transcendent pop star is aiming to take over the beauty market. Since releasing her Fenty Beauty line last week, Internet and Sephora shoppers alike have been clamoring for all 40 shades of foundation. However, for those of us more interested in concentrates than contouring, one product from the Fenty makeup line stood out above the others.

Packaged in a bright pink dispensing box, the Fenty Beauty “Invisimatte Blotting Paper” is designed for tamping down the shine of your newly applied makeup, but looks more like the fanciest pack of “cut your own” rolling papers out. With RiRi’s long-public stoner sensibilities, hopeful smokers across the Internet were quick to assume the blotting papers went further than beauty.

Sadly, the folks at Glamour put the papers to the test as twist ups and got some less than optimal results.

“The real test, though, came when I tried lighting it on fire. It burns extremely fast. If you're using it for anything other than your face, you'd be disappointed and also possibly ignite your fingertips. The smell—a fragrant mix of chai tea and burning plastic—was not great, either. I do not recommend.”

Still, if you remove the roll of blotting paper, we’re guessing that the perfectly cute box could easily fit a roll of “cut your own” Raw papers, creating some extremely trendy tableside paraphernalia.

If that isn’t good enough for you, you can always cop blotting papers specifically designed to be rolled from New York fashion studio Milk - they don’t come in a fancy, Rihanna-approved box, though.

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