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Wiz Khalifa said he was “shroomed out” when he threw the first pitch at a Major League Baseball game this week. 

This Monday, the rapper took time out from his current tour with Snoop Dogg to throw the ceremonial opening pitch at a Pittsburgh Pirates game. And true to form, the outspoken cannabis advocate let the world know that he was celebrating the occasion with some plant-based refreshments. 

“Finna get stoned af and throw this first pitch at the pirates game,” he tweeted. Most people probably assumed that Wiz was referencing his renowned love of hitting the blunt 24/7, but he soon clarified that he was even higher than usual. “Shroomed out throwin a baseball is crazy,” he wrote in a followup tweet.

This isn’t the first time that Khalifa has thrown the ceremonial pitch at a Pirates game, nor is it the first time he’s done it high. Back in 2017, the rapper took the mound wearing a white shirt emblazoned with the words “LEGALIZE IT,” pantomimed taking a hit off a joint, and pretended to pass it to the crowd. And as a follow up, he posted a selfie video hitting a vape pen full of Khalifa Kush, his own personal cannabis brand.

At the time, pro athletic leagues regularly tested players for cannabis, and anyone who got caught out would be forced to sit on the sidelines. So after Khalifa’s video leaked, MLB officials released a statement condemning him for endorsing a prohibited drug. But six years later, sports authorities are gradually opening up to weed. The MLB and the NBA have recently agreed to stop testing players for cannabis, and the NFL has stopped suspending players who test positive. 

Most people wouldn’t consider psychedelics to be performance-enhancing drugs, but that might not be the case. Wiz’ shroom intake apparently didn’t stop him from throwing a respectable first pitch. And he’s not even the first Pittsburgh native to step up to the mound while tripping balls. 

Back in 1970, Pirates pitcher Dock Ellis reportedly threw a no-hitter while tripping on acid. Ellis told Sports Illustrated that he was two days deep into an LSD bender when a friend told him he had to show up to a game. Even though he was still tripping hard, Ellis hopped on a plane, turned up to his gig, and helped his team make the win.

Many other celebrities have also recently started discussing their love of psychedelics with the public. Jaden Smith just told the attendees of a psychedelic medicine conference that he has taken psychedelics with his famous parents, Will and Jada Pinkett Smith. Heavyweight champ Mike Tyson has also regularly told the press about how DMT and other psychedelics have helped him turn his life around.