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4/20 may have come and gone, but there’s still one holiday left in April for stoners to celebrate. That’s right, this week marks the 87th birthday of one of the cannabis community’s most revered and time-tested rock stars, the Red Headed Stranger himself: Willie Nelson.

According to the Dallas News, Willie was supposed to celebrate his 87th turn around the sun with a new record — his 70th full-length recording — but due to delays, the album release has been pushed back from 4/24/20 (say it out loud, please) to this summer, July 3rd.

But while Willie’s latest record drop has been subject to delays, the constantly-working artist still hasn’t altered his active lifestyle, famously fueled by copious amounts of cannabis and CBD-infused coffee. This month alone, Nelson has performed four live streaming concerts from his home, including a special on A&E, a 4/20 smoke out, and a benefit show with Ziggy Marley, Ben Harper, and more.

These days, Willie is trading big joints for his own personal brand of edibles due to health concerns, but The Ambassador to Weedville (yes, people really call him that) is still a prolific stoner with an entrepreneurial spirit to match.

So if you’re stuck at home looking for another reason to break out your favorite bong in celebration, turn up the country tunes and pack a bowl for the weed world’s favorite rock star. A big happy birthday to you, Willie!

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