Cannabis, like music, is known from bringing people from all walks of life together, if even just to share a single moment. A new marketing analysis study says cannabis consumers prefer rock music over all other genres, Americans are more open about their toking than Canadians, and smoking overwhelmingly dominates as people’s favorite consumption method. 

The poll, conducted by the marketing firm Ipsos and the vaporizer company PAX Labs, surveyed 2,700 adults aged 21 and over in the US and Canada. Respondents were asked questions about how they consumed cannabis, why they usually partook, and what sorts of activities they typically coupled with their weed seshes.

For starters, the poll found that Americans smoke more weed than Canadians, even though marijuana remains federally illegal in the US, and Canada federally legalized recreational use last year. 37 percent of Americans said they smoke daily, while only 27 percent of Canadians said the same thing. Americans were also more open about their cannabis use with potential or current romantic partners than Canadians were.

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Smoking, of course, was the most popular cannabis consumption method in both the US and the Great White North, with 61 percent of respondents saying blazing their herb was their go-to ingestion route. Americans were more likely to vape their weed than Canadians (16 percent vs. 11 percent), and Americans ate more edibles, too (21 percent vs. 17 percent).

And what was the most popular reason for getting lit? “[T]o wind down after a long day,” 67 percent of respondents said. However, 36 percent said they combined weed use with their sex-capades, and of those, a stunning 92 percent said that weed enhanced their sex lives

As for musical ambiance to accompany that end-of-the-day unwinding, half of all tokers chose rock-n-roll first and foremost. Hip-hop came in second (39 percent), with pop music right behind (36 percent). Following the top three genres were indie/alternative rock (32 percent), R&B/soul (also 32 percent), reggae (25 percent), metal (25 percent), country (22 percent) and blues (20 percent).

So, what did we learn? To recap, most cannabis consumers: (1) smoke their weed, (2) love to rock out, and (3) they smoke just to kick back and chill. On average, anyway.

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