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For stoners living in the golden state, edibles are a dime a dozen. Most of them either taste like garbage or worse, leaving you wishing you’d never eaten edibles in the first place. But things are different with celebrity Chef Todd English, who’s launching THC-infused mac n’ cheese. 

“I’m trying to merge cannabis and gourmet cuisine, enhancing the dining experience for the cannabis curious foodie,” Chef Todd told Lindsey Bartlett at Forbes. “I’ve developed some CBD food products, but after extensive market research, we saw a unique opportunity to create THC primary food group edibles that consumers can use everyday. We synced up, hit the kitchen, and hired some food science experts leading us to where we are today as the go-to leader in the cannabis food products space.”

As for the macaroni itself, Chef English chose to cap each serving at 10mgs of THC isolate. A decision he made while “trying to merge cannabis and gourmet cuisine, (in order to) enhance the dining experience for the cannabis curious foodie.” 

When asked about his ideal dish for his gourmet Mac, Chef English told Forbes, “I urge people to use the LastLeaf Mac & Cheese as an amplifier to dishes and not be afraid to jump into uncharted territory in the kitchen — because honestly, when has Mac & Cheese ever failed?”

One important tip to note is to always cook at medium heat rather than at max, because too much direct heat will slowly decrease the THC portioned potency.

For now, foodies eager to feel the buzz can choose between the classic or white cheddar flavors, but Chef English has plans for the future. “I’ve already developed three pasta sauces, vegan peanut butters, and general sauces which will all come out in the future. I’m currently formulating health-rich nut and grain bars packed with superfoods and perfectly portioned micro-dosed THC, CBD, CBN which is very exciting. As a company, we are looking forward to a wide array of products to cook and enjoy as we continue to expand.” 

Cookies, Lemonade, or Culture cannabis shops are among the first dispensaries to carry the new type of edibles category. Just make sure you skip the microwave, good things take time.