Snoop Dogg Says He Once Snuck a Blunt Into the White House and Got Lit in the John
Snoop joins Willie Nelson as another music legend who’s gotten blazed at the White House.
Published on July 19, 2022

Snoop Dogg once got high AF at the White House.

In a recent BroBible interview to promote his new Corona sleeve, Uncle Snoop was asked about unique, memorable spots where he sparked some dank. 

He responded: “The White House bathroom. Come on, man. It don’t get no better than the White House.”

According to Snoop, it all happened when jazz icon Herbie Hancock received “some sort of presidential award,” and he was invited by then President Obama to celebrate. That likely places the story in 2013, when Hancock was honored at the Kennedy Center for his lifetime achievements. Snoop and other musicians such as the Beastie Boys’ Mixmaster Mike performed Hancock’s work at the ceremony.

Anyway, during a party for the event, Snoop had to get away momentarily to take a break. Or, as he put it:

“Everybody was eating expensive food that I would never eat. I’m like, ‘What the fuck is this expensive-ass shit? Fried snails and shit. Hell no.’”

After spotting some of the hired help, he made his way into the kitchen, navigated the usual OMG, Snoop is here routine, then asked where the bathroom was. He had a blunt stashed in his sock, which is how he slipped it by White House security.

“[T]he butler comes over to me, and he’s like, ‘You need to do number one or number two?’ I said, ‘The number three.’ He said, ‘What’s the number three?’ And I said *mimics hitting blunt*.”

Snoop recalled, “He said, ‘Oh, that bathroom right there,’” suggesting this White House kitchen has a designated bathroom for smoking weed. And as any kitchen worker will attest, there’s always a freezer, locker, or bathroom reserved for smoke breaks. 

While the story laid out for BroBible may have been Snoop’s first time blazing weed at the White House, it wouldn’t be his last. In 2018, he returned to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. to protest against then President Trump — by, of course, smokin’ some stanky right by the White House lawn. He even posted it all on Instagram. 

A year prior to the public smoking stunt, Snoop and Trump bumped heads over Snoop’s music video for “Lavender,” which featured Tha Doggfather shooting a harmless clown gun at a mime that resembled The Donald. 

Trump was not pleased and even threatened Snoop with prison time — which was just as successful as Trump’s threats to imprison Hillary Clinton.

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