Cannabis icon Snoop Dogg once met up with another legend, Willie Nelson, to smoke weed. Then the Doggfather proceeded to get owned at a game of dominoes.

At least, that’s the story according to Snoopadelic himself, according to a resurfaced Howard Stern interview, Blavity reported on Monday.

As Snoop recounted, he and Nelson met up in Amsterdam several years ago while they were both on tour for separate 4/20 shows. At Snoop’s request, the two got uber-lifted on a variety of toke-ables, then played a game of dominoes. 

“I played dominoes with him, and he beat my a** while smoking with me and passing a blunt, a bong, a joint,” Snoop said. “I’m like, ‘Willie, there’s too much shit going on. I can’t think and do all of this at the same time.”

In a 2009 tweet, Snoop said Willie Nelson is the only person alive to ever smoke the “Nuthin’ but a G Thang” rapper under the table. 

Currently, Snoop is about to kick-off his Holidaze of Blaze tour, which will include Warren G and T-Pain. The tour follows this year’s release of his latest album, BODR, which stands for Back on Death Row.

Cover image via The Come Up Show/Charito Yap