The canna-business is big business. Like, billions of dollars big. As voters have legalized medical and recreational weed in more and more states, huge opportunities have opened up for enterprising individuals looking to get in on the Green Rush. Ganjapreneurs are opening dispensaries, starting delivery services, teaching flower-infused cooking, and producing bud, edibles, vapes, and much more. This wave of pot pioneers includes a growing number of high-profile celebrity stoners who’ve staked their claim in the industry, cashing in on their cannabis cred and fame with branded weed product lines.

From country music legends and rap superstars, to comedians and talk show personalities, the cannabis industry has some incredibly influential people turning their once countercultural use of the sacred plant into legit business. Whether focusing on organic grows or killing the pain of menstrual cramps, these famous folks are lighting up the cannabiz. Gaze at the stars with MERRY JANE News correspondent Adrian Nuñez as he breaks down the biggest celebrity players in the cannabis industry.