There are a lot of dream jobs out there, but surely getting paid to smoke weed is at the top of that list.

Wellness website Flower and Freedom is giving three lucky souls the chance to live that dream for a month. Founder David Rhodes recently announced that his company is looking for three “cannabis effects specialists” to participate in a month-long study exploring the medical benefits of cannabis. The company will provide each specialist with a month’s supply of weed, plus a $1,500 stipend at the end of the testing period.

“We have a few different theories behind the pros and cons of casual cannabis use, and we want to provide more information to our community,” the company explained on its website. “We are aware that cannabis can affect people in different ways, and different dosages will have different effects, but we are keen to test some of our theories!”

To be eligible for this dream position, applicants must be 21 years or older and live in a state or country where recreational cannabis use is completely legal. The position does exclude anyone with prior health conditions that might make it unsafe for them to smoke weed for a whole month, though. Flower and Freedom will be accepting applications for cannabis testers until October 1.

Once the application process is wrapped, each of the three selected specialists will receive a package of legal weed products to try out and review. The specialists will be required to comply with the company’s strict testing requirements, and will need to write clear, coherent reviews of the products. The company will conduct video calls to interview each specialist over the course of the trial, and participants will also need to fill out verbal questionnaires to recap their experiences.

“Our team of ‘cannabis effects specialists’ will be putting some of our theories to the test on how cannabis can affect someone’s mood, sleep, appetite, motivation and more,” the company explained. “All applicants must possess strong English writing skills in order to help review their experiences during the study.”

Getting paid to get high seems like a pipe dream, but it’s actually becoming a little more common now that more states and countries are legalizing. This spring, Los Angeles-based pot delivery service Emjay announced that they would pay an intern to get high and review their products for three months. Emjay CEO Chris Vaughn said that he envisioned the position as the cannabis industry equivalent of a wine taster, with a palate sensitive enough to discern the subtle differences between different strains of weed.

Other companies have also offered weed-smoking positions for product reviews or medical research, but so far these have only been part-time opportunities. But if you’re looking to get a full-time job smoking pot all day, there’s still a chance you could snag yourself a job as a professional blunt roller for a famous rapper.