Mike Tyson Rocks a Weed-Blasting ‘Smoking Gun,’ and Now We Want One, Too
The heavyweight icon is ditching the lighter and going straight to the dome.
Published on August 7, 2023

“Iron Lungs” Mike Tyson has the perfect new toy to complement his legendary amounts of cannabis consumption: a “Smoking Gun.” 

Last week on Instagram, Tyson posted a video of himself rocking the smoke-blasting device in his kitchen. Without saying a word, he turns it on, sprays a little hot smoke, then points the barrel into his mouth for a quick faceful. 

OK, so what the heck is that thing? While Tyson's weed brand, Tyson 2.0, makes and markets its own cannabis-smoke blower, the one featured in his latest Instagram video probably isn't that one. Our best guess at MERRY JANE is that it’s a Rukioo Smoke Thrower, which is commercially available to the public. Prices vary, but most third-party vendor sites sling the thing for about $250. 

What’s it actually for? That depends on which site you buy it from. Some list it as a portable party fog machine, while others explicitly market it as an instrument to blow weed smoke all over your homies (or sworn foes). Seeing as some of the Rukioo kits include “herb grinders,” and the company itself also sells rolling papers, it’s probably safe to assume this Smoking Gun is, in fact, designed to blow massive quantities of cannabis smoke.

Why would anyone want a Rukioo Smoke Thrower? Well, why throw shade, when you can throw weed smoke, instead? But in all seriousness, consider Tyson once said he blazed through $40,000 worth of pot every month -- or about a joint per hour. 

In that case, you’d probably want your own personal pot-cket launcher at that point, too. Right?

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