Mike Tyson Claims He Smokes $40,000 Worth of Weed Every Month
On a new episode of Tyson’s podcast, the retired prize fighter said that he and his business partners smoke heroic amounts of their farm's weed. How much? At least a quarter pound a day.
Published on August 14, 2019

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Iron Mike Tyson wants you to know that he smokes more weed than you. In fact, if you let him tell it, Mike might be the heavyweight smoking champion of the world.

On a new episode of Tyson’s Hot Boxin’ podcast featuring co-host Eben Britton and rapper Jim Jones, the boxer-turned-ganjapreneur tried to break down exactly how much weed he and his business partners burn down at their Southern California cannabis ranch each month. Eventually, Tyson and Britton (a partner in Tyson Ranch) arrived at a ludicrous number, estimating that they smoke $40,000 worth of weed every 30 days.

“What do we smoke a month? It’s about $40,000? Yeah, it’s $40,000,” Tyson said. “We smoke ten tons of weed on the ranch a month,” Britton added. “It’s 40 grand, ain’t that crazy?” Tyson said again. “It’s crazy shit, we take it for granted.”

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Here at MERRY JANE, in addition to being cannabis experts, we consider ourselves something akin to amateur mathematicians. So we decided to crunch Iron Mike’s numbers. And while some weed in California’s legal market is selling as high as $2,000-$3,000 per pound, we decided to give Mike the benefit of the doubt. For this exercise, let’s assume that he is selling the world’s best ganja and can value his plants at an astronomical $5,000 a pound. Even at that extreme (and hypothetical) price, Mike and his crew would need to burn through more than a quarter pound — or at least four ounces — every single day, to hit that $40,000 figure. In real world terms, that would mean lighting up a new one-gram joint every half hour... for 24 hours straight. 

Now, we’re not sure how many people are engaging in these daily smoke outs at Tyson Ranch, but if it’s just Tyson and Britton, that’s a lot of chiefing. And if Tyson’s consumption numbers are right, the all-day smoke sessions might be eating into profit. 

“But we’re throwing out into the dispensaries, what is it, $500,000 a month,” Tyson said. “400 or 500 [thousand] a month.”

Still, even if they’re pushing half a million dollars of weed a month, it seems like sparking up nearly a tenth of those profits on personal R&D is a bit extravagant. But hey, who are we to challenge the champ. Keep on smokin’, Iron Mike. 

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