Is this all they’ve got? In an effort to discredit the Obama family name and throw shade at a teenager trying to prepare for her freshman year of college, the conservative clown car of a website, published a story claiming that Malia Obama was fired from a summer job at the U.S. Embassy in Spain for smoking weed. The story is 100% false, but that hasn’t stopped frog meme fans and white supremacists from sharing and retweeting with glee.

Let’s break down the claims and see just how gullible these keyboard conservatives really are. 

First of all, as the fine folks at Snopes pointed out, Malia worked at the Embassy in Madrid last year, and did not return this year for more bureaucratic busywork. And while photos did surface last summer of Malia toking what looks like a joint at Chicago’s Lollapalooza Festival, this summer, she’s been traveling the world with her parents before starting her freshman year at Harvard next month.

To make the story even more absurd, Freedom Crossroads claims that Malia was “on the roof of the building burning a doobie and playing with the Ambassador’s carrier pigeons.” And while we’re pretty sure that Malia wouldn’t wouldn’t be that brash, carrier pigeons have also been extinct for more than 100 years, so that’d be pretty damn impressive.

The funniest part of the whole fake news ordeal is that the image of Malia getting stoned and impersonating Forrest Whittaker’s Ghost Dog  character actually made people mad and/or vindicated. Is that what they’re waiting for? A 19 year-old smoking pot? Get the FBI, CIA, NYPD and Jeff Sessions on the phone, ASAP.



Hopefully, once Malia makes her way to Cambridge and starts school in the fall she can get away from the unnecessary, racist rumors that have followed her through Trump’s first year in office. But hey, if the harshest they’re going to do is call her a cannabis user, things could be a lot worse.