To say last year was difficult for Gary, Indiana’s Freddie Gibbs would be an understatement. After owning 2015 thanks to his critically acclaimed Madlib-produced collaborative album Piñata, the ruthless rhymer found himself in the midst of sexual abuse charges, keeping him holed up in Austria for a large portion of the last year.

But after being acquitted, Gibbs is finally back, and better than ever. The rapid-fire rapper has announced his forthcoming project You Only Live 2wice, accompanied by a desolate visual that depicts the disheartening mindset that sprouted from the charges leveled against him.

Gibbs also shared the first single and video from his forthcoming mixtape, a bleakly poetic cut entitled “Crushed Glass.” 

Directed by Eric Nelson, the new music video begins with Gibbs suddenly waking up in the middle of desert, questioning the recent events that transpired in his life while battling the allegations leveled against him whilst touring throughout Europe. After the Midwestern rapper finally comes to his senses, he lets loose a string of brutally honest bars that puts you in the middle of his demoralizing experience.

The video showcases Freddie Gibbs with a newfound somber mindset, repeating the lines “The future started yesterday nigga/Every minute feelin' different, I am not the same nigga.” Backed by relentless trap percussion and heartfelt synth samples, the Indiana rapper speaks openly about the sexual abuse allegations, as well as America’s sudden shift in direction under President Donald Trump.

The sobering “Crushed Glass” also came equipped with the highly anticipated tracklist for his upcoming mixtape. Assuming that the eight-track project follows the theme of his first single, fans can expect some brutally honest storytelling from the unbridled MC. The album artwork depicts Gibbs ascending above police and strippers, posing as a religious figure rising above the lifestyle that nearly wrecked his career.   

Check out the You Only Live 2wice tracklist below:

1. 20 Karat Jesus

2. Alexys

3. Crushed Glass

4. Dear Maria

5. Amnesia

6. Andrea

7. Phone Lit

8. Homesick