Lyft Will Discount Colorado Cannabis Users’ Rides From Now Until Next 4/20
The ride-sharing app is extending their partnership with Colorado's Department of Transportation to prevent as many incidents of stoned driving as possible.
Published on November 6, 2017

Lead photo via Colorado Department of Transportation

We’re still a couple months away from 2018, but that doesn’t mean it’s too early to start planning for next year’s 4/20. And like a six-month-long Advent calendar celebrating the wonders of getting stoned legally, the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), the Marijuana Industry Group (MIG) and the ride-sharing app Lyft have come together to revive their cannabis-themed safe driving campaign, the 320 Movement, to provide half a year of discounted rides for stoners who choose the backseat instead of taking the wheel.

According to Denver’s ABC affiliate, the extension of the 320 Movement will hopefully dissuade even more Colorado residents from driving under the influence of cannabis, a concern that has intensified under legalization, with scientists and researchers still trying to perfect a roadside cannabis intoxication test.

In the meantime, CDOT, MIG, and Lyft are hoping that knocking 32% off of the price of a mustachioed taxi will dissuade blazers from driving home.

"Despite the fact that marijuana impairs judgment, coordination, decision-making and reaction time, an alarming number of users 55 percent still believe that it is safe to drive under the influence of marijuana," said Sam Cole, Traffic Safety Communications Manager at CDOT. “We have partnered with Lyft and MIG in an effort to combat this belief while also providing marijuana users with a safe ride, so they don't even have to consider driving high."

Last year, CDOT officials say that 3,800 people requested a 320 Movement discount ride code, with over 1,200 codes already redeemed.

In addition to the half-year of discounted rides, the 320 Movement will also disseminate safe driving “toolkits” to 125 Centennial State pot shops, urging legal weed professionals to talk to their clients about safe use techniques and the dangers of stoned driving.

"Our ask is simple,” MIG Executive Director Kristi Kelly said. “If you choose to legally consume cannabis, plan ahead and don't get behind the wheel.”

Kelly added that the collaborative effort between the state government, a private business, and Colorado’s cannabis industry is the first of its kind, opening the door for further marijuana-themed partnerships from corporations around the country.

According to the 320 Movement’s official website, 17% of arrests from Colorado’s state cops involve cannabis. To avoid being a part of that statistic, Colorado stoners can read more about the 320 Movement and receive a coupon code for your discounted ride here.

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