Jill Stein is a candidate for president who is seeking the Green Party nomination in 2016 Presidential Election. She also ran in 2012 and got nearly half a million votes. The Green Party of the United States includes nationwide cannabis legalization in its platform so it is no surprise that Stein is a huge supporter of legalizing the plant.

Jill Stein is the only candidate who delves deep into social and political issues surrounding the cannabis legalization. “Marijuana is far less of a threat to personal and public health than alcohol and nicotine,” Stein said in a recent interview while discussing the removal of cannabis from the list of Schedule I substances by the DEA.

She sees the cannabis legalization as the linchpin for ending the War on Drugs, “It’s a war that’s flagrantly lost by a very misguided and racist policy which needs to be brought to an end” says Stein, “and no one is paying a bigger price for that than the communities of color.” Stein sees the failure of War on Drugs not only as a leading cause for prison overcrowding, but she also blames it for police militarization and the recent rise in police shootings.

As for the Presidential election, Stein is relying on Bernie Sanders’s supporters to vote for her in November. “We will be the Plan B for Bernie,” said Stein.