What better way to christen your marriage than with good ol’ fashioned marijuana? If you weren’t warm to the idea of tying the knot before, the new trend of cannabis-themed weddings might change that for you. People dress up as Star Wars characters in their weddings, so why the hell not?

Bud bars and budtenders at the reception, marijuana marriage toasts, weed bouquets—these are all real things that couples are adopting instead of the traditional (ahem, boring) wedding. Sparking your interest yet? If you and your bae are the types of people to need the coolest wedding around, but not the type to want to organize it all, no worries, there are weed-friendly wedding planners ready to make it happen for you.

To find out more about the gnarliest trend in weddings since full-on choreographed dance routines to that one Chris Brown song, check out the video above to get your marriage started on the highest levels possible.