As of 2012, individuals may legally consume, produce, purchase and possess cannabis in the state of Colorado. But to do so ‘openly and publicly’ remains illegal, limiting cannabis users to the confines of their ‘private residences’ when using their legally purchased products.

In response to the statewide confusion over this fundamental senselessness, marijuana policy activists have created the Campaign for Limited social use, a project seeking to allow marijuana consumption in public businesses for individuals 21 and over.

The campaign hopes to align public cannabis consumption policy with the current social infrastructure: age restrictions would match the cutoff for cannabis consumption and possession in Colorado, as well as the legal drinking age. The integration of cannabis into this existing system would utilize existing measures to reinforce its own. Any public business with a 21 and over policy would then have the opportunity to open its doors to proper users while complying with state possession, consumption and smoking laws.

The campaign requires more than 4,000 signatures by August in order to get the initiative on the Denver ballot later this year.