Free weed and CBD are coming to Colorado residents hit hardest by the coronavirus pandemic, even as the state’s cannabis industry experiences a sales slump. 

On Tuesday, Thomas Mitchell at Denver’s Westword reported that a handful of state-licensed cannabis companies chose people over profits. For instance, Green Dot Labs, which specializes in extractions for vape pens, will donate hundreds of bottles of quarter-ounces (7 grams) of marijuana to adults who have been hit the hardest by the viral outbreak. 

Green Dot Labs will prioritize those who lost loved ones to COVID-19, lost their jobs, or who are “working hard to protect and serve our community.” Individuals can only nominate others (not themselves) through the company’s website until the end of today, Wednesday, April 8th.

For those seeking a less lit experience, Flora’s Mercantile & Hemp Emporium will be giving away 2,000mg bottles of CBD tinctures to healthcare workers and medical dispensary employees, though anyone who believes they qualify as in-need can apply, too. Although there’s no evidence that CBD can treat COVID-19, there’s plenty of evidence that it can prevent and stop seizures (the US government even says so!), manage chronic pain, fight cancer, and, perhaps most importantly, curb anxiety — an affliction that’s affecting just about everyone right now. 

Flora only has 80 bottles of tincture for its CBD oil donation, so supplies won’t last long. Unlike Green Dot Labs, individuals may apply for themselves at They just need to provide a copy of their employee ID or a paycheck with their pay amount blacked out, as well as their contact and mailing address info. 

For those who’ve lost their jobs during the economy’s dramatic and sudden downturn, NewLeaf Brands has got their back. Applicants can request a “sample pack” through the company’s website, which will mail $50 worth of CBD products to those who qualify while supplies last. According to Westword, simply reach out to NewLeaf through its website and explain your employment situation, and provide your mailing address to apply. 

Hopefully, these charitable cannabis programs become a worldwide trend. Last week in San Francisco, the Barbary Coast dispensary offered $1 eighth-ounces of Sherbinskis top-shelf luxury weed to those experiencing financial hardship (but those ran out in about a day). Michigan advocates have been supplying free weed to military veterans and adults with disabilities, as well. And in the UK, the masked rapper Outlaw has provided free marijuana, toilet paper, and hand sanitizer to the people of Manchester for weeks. 

On March 26th, Colorado Governor Jared Polis issued a state-wide stay-at-home order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. The state deemed marijuana businesses, both medical and recreational, as “critical” or “essential” services, meaning they could remain open while other non-essential businesses like clothing boutiques and electronics stores had to temporarily close. 

Two weeks ago, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock tried to close recreational pot shops as part of the Mile High City’s quarantine order, but residents panicked, flocked in droves, and formed packed lines to buy weed shortly after the mayor’s announcement. Hours later, the mayor reversed the initial order to close retail marijuana stores, and they now remain open. 

Colorado’s stay-at-home order was originally slated to end on April 11th. However, yesterday, the governor extended the date to April 26th.

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