The state of Colorado is auctioning off 22 cannabis-themed license plates leading up to the global weed holiday, 4/20.

The online auction includes rights for famous stoner lingo such as “WEED,” “BLUNT,” “RESIN,” “TERPENE,” TOKER,” “VISINE,” and, of course, “420,” according to local ABC affiliate KRDO.

Our personal favorite, surprise surprise, is “MRY JANE.” 

“For over a decade, Colorado has been a leader in the cannabis space, bringing bold, innovative and creative businesses to the state. This effort allows us to celebrate Colorado’s mile-high reputation and fund critical projects and programs in our disability community” said Gov. Jared Polis in a press release.

The auction is already underway, and it closes at 4:20 pm MT on April 20.

Proceeds from the auction will go to the Colorado Disability Funding Committee. Last year’s 4/20 auction, which sold 14 plates including “BONG” and “TEGRIDY,” raked in $45,000.