In the age of legal weed, there are already a few traditions that are now cultural staples across the country. 4/20 is now a de facto holiday backed by corporate cash, the first days of state-legal sales are consistently met with long lines, and when Girl Scout cookie season comes around, troops of pre-teen girls flock to legal weed dispensaries to sell sweets to eager stoners.

According to NBC Chicago, the latest batch of entrepreneurial scouts took full advantage of Illinois’ nascent adult-use cannabis program, and set up shop outside of the Windy City’s Dispensary 33 to sell hundreds of boxes of Tagalongs, DosiDos, and Thin Mints. 

“Reporting to you live at Dispensary 33. We have Girl Scout cookies!! And not just the cannabis kind,” the dispensary wrote on a Twitter post celebrating the Troop. “Support your local Girl Scouts with us. (We have very limited flower for all you stoners. First come first serve. Come through while supply lasts).”

And for Dispensary 33 spokesperson Abigail Watkins, the sidewalk cookie counter wasn’t just appreciated by munchie-riddled customers, but by dispensary staff, as well. Watkins said managers and employees alike stopped by the folding table to pick up cookies before and after their shifts at work.

“The response was incredibly positive,” Watkins told NBC. “People were so excited… our customers loved it, our staff loved it.”

In the years since Girl Scouts began setting up shop outside of cannabis dispensaries in California and Colorado, organizational officials have taken a variety of stances surrounding the controversial sales tactic. But after Scout leaders in Colorado affirmed that troop members can sell cookies in any public space, Scouts have played to the sweet tooth of stoners with full support from the organization.

“We allow it as long as it’s approved by the parents and the troop leaders,” regional Girl Scouts spokeswoman Britney Bouie said. “It’s really great to see these very entrepreneurial girls getting out there in the community.”

And get out in the community they did, with early rough estimates indicating that the pot shop Troop unloaded “several hundred boxes” of cookies on dispensary visitors.

“They said they did good sales,” Bouie added.

And with that much success at just one of Chicago’s several newly-legal pot shops, Bouie said that a number of other local troops have already reached out to her about plans to set up their own snack bars at dispensaries around the city. 

“Huge shoutout to the Girl Scout troop with the cookie sales table set up outside Dispensary 33,” one local Twitter user wrote. “You’re the future leaders America needs.”

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