Did a Girl Scout Break the Rules Selling Cookies Outside a Pot Dispensary?
The still-unidentified young woman got a boost in sales thanks to the dispensary’s Instagram page, and sold over 300 boxes of sweets in six hours.
Published on February 8, 2018

Girl Scout Cookie season is officially here — the sweets not the strain — and it's off to a controversial start.

As stoners once again begin to empty their wallets for Girl Scout troops selling Tagalongs, Thin Mints, and Samoas in front of grocery stores and in public parks across the country, one entrepreneurial California Scout is blazing her own path, and sold over 300 boxes of cookies in one afternoon outside a San Diego cannabis dispensary.

According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, the still-unnamed girl and her highly supportive father wheeled a red wagon to Urbn Leaf, a local pot shop in the city's Bay Park neighborhood this past weekend. After employees from the dispensary noticed the precocious saleswoman, they snapped a pic for the shop's Instagram page.

With the additional advertising and a steady stream of customers shopping for Super Bowl party favors, the Scout's father told local news reporters that his daughter sold over 300 boxes of cookies in just 6 hours, or 50 boxes an hour.

But like all forms of success, cookie clout comes with its own share of haters. And while our anonymous saleswoman was still counting her dough, social media snitches and nosey reporters were already tattling, calling local Girl Scout officials to find out if the informal dispensary collaboration was against any official rules.

"It's not a cut and dried situation when we don't know who the girl is and we don't know what the situation is," Maryl Doyle, director of communications for Girl Scouts San Diego, told the Union-Tribune.

According to the organization's official regulations, Girl Scouts can only set up cookie selling booths outside of approved businesses, and not surprisingly, Urbn Leaf isn't on the list. However, outside of folding tables and brightly drawn signs, Scouts are also allowed to do door to door sales, dragging a wagon full of cookies wherever they please, including, apparently, the strip of sidewalk outside a very popular pot shop.

"If that's what they say they were doing... then they were right within the rules," Alison Bushan, another spokesperson for the Girl Scouts San Diego, told local ABC News10.

Of course, this isn't the first time a Girl Scout has profited outside a pot shop. A notable example from 2014 involved a San Francisco Scout and her mom raking up 177 sales in only 2 hours outside a local dispensary. Outside of cookie sales, the group's national office has intervened in legal weed sales, sending a cease and desist letter to an Oakland dispensary selling one of 2015's most popular strains, Girl Scout Cookies.

Most dispensaries and legal weed companies have since renamed the strain GSC, but that hasn't stopped ganjapreneurs from creating new cross-strains with on-brand names like Do-Si-Dos and Thin Mint.

As for the San Diego mystery Scout, even local troop leaders say they don't know her identity. But when it comes time to turn in sales numbers and one kid is flipping through thousands while everyone else is counting hundreds, we're guessing it will become pretty clear.

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