Cancel your order with your favorite High Maintenance-style delivery service, because there’s a new weed source coming to Brooklyn, and it’s setting up shop with security guards, permits, and state-licensed product.

According to the Commercial Observer, Williamsburg, Brooklyn — the New York neighborhood that ushered in the early aughts image of flannel-clad “hipsters” adorned with gluten-free tattoos — is getting its very first medical cannabis dispensary.

New York legalized medical marijuana more than four years ago, but thanks to strict regulations and licensing delays, the program has largely operated without fanfare. But thanks to the MMJ program being expanded and new dispensaries opening their doors in Manhattan, the Empire State’s nascent cannabis industry is starting to finally make waves.

Remedy, the Williamsburg dispensary set to open next month, is the retail arm of Valley Agriceuticals, one of 10 companies licensed to operate medical cannabis facilities in New York State. Valley currently operates two dispensaries in upstate New York, with plans in the works to open their fourth Remedy location in Long Island later this year.

As for the Williamsburg dispensary, Remedy’s Brooklyn outpost will take on a piece of prime real estate at the foot of the posh Pod Hotel on the corner of Driggs and North 4th street. It will be surrounded by retail giants like an Apple store and Wholefoods. With longevity in mind, Valley Agriceuticals signed a 10-year lease on the 3,800 square-foot space. 

But while Remedy’s new Williamsburg location is yet another step in the Empire State’s slow trek towards legal cannabis, the Big Apple has also run into its fair share of criticism, especially when it comes to social equity and small business exclusion

When national dispensary chain MedMen opened their Manhattan location on the city’s famed 5th Avenue, longtime cannabis advocates bemoaned the lack of local licenses awarded to those most affected by New York’s long history with the War on Drugs. And for a Brooklyn neighborhood that gained national notoriety as a hotspot for gentrification, those same critiques are almost certainly waiting in the wings. 

Valley Agriceuticals has already started construction on the Williamsburg Remedy location, and hopes to have the dispensary open to licensed patients by the end of August.

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