A Real NYC Weed Dealer Reviews the Season Premiere of "High Maintenance"
"Compared to my life, The Guy is the Vitruvian Weed Man. He’s the platonic ideal of a weed dealer, and we are all but pale reflections of his mathematical perfection."
Published on January 24, 2019

The third season of High Maintenance, HBO’s show about an NYC weed delivery man and his various clients, premiered this past Sunday. It’s all anyone wants to talk about at my job, because I’m also a weed delivery man, just like “The Guy,” played by the bearded Ben Sinclair. Well “just like” sounds a little strong, but it’s close enough.

I’ve been watching the show since it started as an original web series on Vimeo, and it’s been interesting to see High Maintenance develop in parallel with both widespread pot legalization and the proliferation of what some have called “The Golden Age of NYC Weed Dealing.” Plus, the season premiere debuted just a few days after Governor Cuomo outlined his plans for an adult-use cannabis legalization bill in NYC, so there was a lot to think about as I dove into the the 30-minute episode. 

NYC Andy
NYC Andy is a weed delivery dealer based in NYC. Don't ask us for his number.
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