After hitting the stage at our third annual MERRY JANE Wellness Retreat in Denver, Colorado, Taylor Gang Entertainment’s up-and-coming hip-hop artist, Raven Felix, has dropped a video for her latest single "Me". 

In the video for “Me”, Felix is popping off Cristal in bed, cooking up eggs with hot sauce, and seductively eating Cheetos in her sultry home attire, making it clear to both her fans and haters that this is who she is regardless of how you feel about it. After taking part of the Red Bull Culture Clash with the rest of the Taylor Gang squad earlier this month, Raven Felix now seems focused on bulking up her reputation, preparing to flex upon the hip-hop scene with her catchy lyrics and no-fucks-given attitude.

The track itself is backed by a catchy beat jam-packed with finger snaps and trap-infused high-hats, as well as bright piano progression that carries the chorus of the song. Raven Felix hops on the track and doesn’t hold any of her feelings back, letting her ego out for all to bask in. “I don’t fuck with you man, I just fuck with me,” she spits.

Earlier this year, Felix, who is signed to Wiz Khalifa’s record label Taylor Gang, released a track with Snoop Dogg and Nef the Pharaoh called “Hit the Gas”. Felix is now flaunting off her ego in her latest video for her hit “Me”.

Watch it below.