In an exclusive premiere on MERRY JANE, Snoop Dogg releases a new song and video for “Kush Ups” featuring Wiz Khalifa, off of his upcoming album, COOLAID. Aside from "Kush Ups" and Snoop’s performance of “Fireworks” on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last week, the only thing we know to expect from COOLAID is a classic Snoop Dogg hip-hop feel since this is his first rap album in five years. The album is set to release in July, via Doggy Style Records, and by the first couple of songs we can tell it's going to be a hit.

The two stoner gods get together on “Kush Ups” for a classic Golden Era meets trap-type beat and feel that will have everyone nodding their heads. Every time Snoop and Wiz collab on a song, it's always a hit and after hearing “Kush Ups”, this time is definitely no different.

Not only do the two stoners make bangin’ music together, they also know how to make the best weed with their exclusive cannabis lines, Leafs By Snoop and Khalifa Kush.

And, of course, Wiz’s laugh makes a cameo in the video too.

Snoop had only one thing to say about the song, “I’m back,” and we are pretty sure the world has been waiting to welcome him with open arms.

While the world is counting down to the release of COOLAID, you can get “Kush Ups” here to hold you over. If you want more than just the song and album, get your tickets to see Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa perform this summer on The High Road Summer Tour presented by MERRY JANE.