It’s been a half decade since French electro duo Justice, consisting of Gaspar Augé and Xavier De Rosnay released their last album, Audio, Video, Disco. Signed to French label Ed Banger Records, the group first gained national and international notoriety back in 2007 through their first album   (pronounced “Cross”) and their smash hit single “D.A.N.C.E.”

Well, they are back and have just released a new single, “Randy,” that fits into their catalogue perfectly. Having always been heavily influenced by disco, their blend of bright electro synths with dance rhythms and reverberating vocals make for a very upbeat and enjoyable listen. We are also delighted to report that they are still not afraid to get down and dirty in the breaks either.

The forthcoming album, Woman, whose title and cover art was teased via their Instagram account will release on November 18th. The art shows their trademark 3-D cross logo partly decorated in shimmering colors reminicent of a gasoline puddle. 

Listen to “Randy” here, and let’s hope for a release date for Woman is soon. We all need little Justice sometimes.